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The University of Houston-Downtown (UHD) is a public four-year undergraduate university beginning limited expansion into graduate programs. At UHD, the emphasis is on teaching excellence and student success. Three values define UHD's mission: excellence, opportunity and diversity. Customer satisfaction is inherent in these values, and UHD works to ensure that our students and other constituencies are served effectively, efficiently, and with respect.

Solving Problems

Solving problems at UHD occurs through both informal and formal channels. Because of our overarching commitment to high quality service, it is expected that the vast majority of problems will be resolved swiftly by the UHD faculty and staff members directly involved. However, in those circumstances where immediate resolution is not possible, UHD has instituted a number of formal policies in areas such as grade appeals, sexual harassment, academic honesty, student right-to-know and the campus security act. These can be found in the Student Handbook, which is posted on the UHD website.

In areas not covered by formal policies, customers are encouraged to address complaints through the existing university structure, beginning at the lowest level of the chain-of-command, and then, if there is no satisfactory resolution, appealing to higher levels as the situation warrants.

University administrators participate in Student Forums sponsored by the university's Student Government Association (SGA) where they respond to concerns and consider suggestions for ways of improving services. The SGA solicits comments about university services on an ongoing basis through "suggestion" boxes located around campus. The Faculty Senate and the Staff Council are representative bodies for university employees and regularly bring their members' concerns to the attention of the administration.

Organizational Structure

Interface with UHD's student customers occurs in five primary areas: Student Affairs, Academic Affairs, and Administration & Finance. Complainants are invited to submit their complaints in writing, in person, or by telephone as indicated below.

Student Affairs and Academic Affairs
Student Affairs is a broad component of UHD that serves the academic support needs of students, including admissions, registration, and scholarships and financial aid, among others.

Academic Affairs includes the faculty members, department chairs, college deans and central academic administration of the University of Houston-Downtown. It is here that all problems related to the educational programs offered by the University should be resolved.

The final authority for complaints regarding student affairs or academic matters is the Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost (SVPAA) who can be contacted at the following address:

Deborah Bordelon
Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost
One Main Street, Suite S950
Houston, TX 77002

Administration and Finance

The Division of Administration and Finance provides a wide variety of services on behalf of the University, including maintenance of campus facilities, ensuring campus safety, providing food services, processing business transactions with vendors and students, and all financial reporting. The final authority for complaints regarding this area is the Vice President of Administration and Finance who can be contacted at the following address:

Kimberly Thomas
Vice President for Administration and Finance
One Main Street, Suite N910
Houston, TX 77002

Human Resources

The Office of Human Resources (HR) provides UHD employees with a broad range of services that include benefits, payroll, training, performance management, employment, onboarding, policy administration, and compensation. HR works closely with all UHD divisions and the UHS Office of the General Counsel to provide a working environment that is aligned with UHD’s mission and aimed at cultivating and retaining a talented and productive workforce. The final authority for complaints regarding this area is the Vice President for Human Resources who can be contacted at the following address:

Erica Morales
Interim Assistant Vice President for Human Resources
One Main Street, Suite S910
Houston, TX 77002

Advancement and University Relations

The Division of University Advancement and University Relations works to advance the University of Houston-Downtown by increasing engagement, awareness and support among constituents. The Division is comprised of two departments - Advancement and University Relations - and is responsible for fundraising , marketing, media relations, and communications. The final authority for complaints regarding this area is the Vice President for Advancement and External Relations who can be contacted at the following address:

Javier "Jay" Zambrano
Vice President for Advancement and University Relations
One Main Street, Suite S990
Houston, TX 77002