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Current Students

group of students with a laptop
Resources for Online Learning at UHD.
students on their phones
Don't miss email updates from UHD and your professors. Check your Gatormail inbox.
representative UHD student
Review and update your personal information, class schedules, financial aid, and more.
student at the library
Want to study at home or do research off-campus? Luckily for you, there's the digital database.
students at the marker board
For curious scholars who seek to learn beyond the classroom, we offer the Honors Program.
student shopping for school supplies
Scholarships, grants, loans, and work-study are options for you.
student stopping by a info table
Get expert counseling for the next steps in your academic journey.
outside the One Main building
Create your own schedule by referring to our academic calendar.
peer tutors helping student
Need help studying outside the classroom? Peers and tutors are here for you.
crowd of students walking in the hall
Process your payments, payment plans, and refunds securely with our Student Business Services Department.
students walking past the Registrar's Office
Access your student course registration records with the Registrar's Office.
Ride share pick-up spot on Girard St.
Find out the answers to your driving, parking, and public transportation questions.
UHD basketball game
Play and watch sports, train, and exercise at our recreation center.
students hanging out on the South Deck
Hang with Houstonians or join a student organization or sport team at our vibrant downtown campus.
Campus Bookstore
Ready to purchase your class text books? Let's get started online today, visit our digital campus bookstore.